Positive Effects of Journal Writing in Organizing

September 6, 2019

Ever had a day where all your tasks are being fired at you like a never-ending round of bullets and you just lose it and end up stress eating a pint of ice cream while binge-watching your favorite TV show? Well, fear not! Because we all have been there. Organizing tasks can be really hard for someone with a chaotic mind. But even though some consider it to be difficult, it is not impossible and surprisingly, it comes with a lot of perks. 

Bullet Journal writing is one way of organizing your tasks and thoughts as well. As a matter of fact, it was a system developed by Ryder Caroll, an American digital product designer who suffered from a learning disability. According to Caroll, he had to figure out alternative ways to be more productive and with rigorous trial and error, the bullet journal system was born. At present, the bullet journal has become an essential tool that helps you track down your past, organize your present and plan your future.

Here are four basic benefits bullet journal writing can bring into your life.


When we are bombarded with tasks and information, it is the brain’s natural reaction to shut down and rewire, thus the term ‘mental breakdown’. That’s when the art of Bullet Journal comes to the rescue. Organizing tasks through a bullet journal means taking down notes to properly track your daily activities. In this way, you can always go back in case you might have missed something instead of trying to remember or find it in your pile of sticky notes. Although you might think that your brain can still take buckets and buckets of information, you have to admit sooner or later that your brain cells are not getting any younger. That’s why taking down and organizing your notes through a bullet journal is the way to go.


When people hear the word “organize”, one of the things that may come to mind is “ew that’s so hard and boring and a complete waste of time!”. But the thing they don’t realize is that being boring comes hand in hand with being interesting. The more bland and basic you consider something to be, the more you can turn it into something unique and personalized to your own style. Like a blank bullet journal that you can personalize.


Time management plays a very important role in the art of organizing. When you coordinate your tasks, you set personal deadlines. Setting deadlines in your Bullet Journal can serve as guides in doing and tracking your daily tasks. Seeing these deadlines will help remind you of what you have coming and can somehow give you a sense of fulfillment once a task is completed. When you set attainable and realistic deadlines, you can provide effective and efficient outputs for yourself, thus increasing your results and productivity. 


You might be wondering how ‘me-time’ is connected with journaling but now that you’ve finished all your tasks and you’ve organized all your future chores, you now have lessened your time stressing over the things that you need to do and more time for yourself and your loved ones. Furthermore, writing your thoughts and feelings can be a form of therapy if you are having a rough time. This can help release all the tension and negativity you are hiding in your mind. Thus, you now have more time focusing on yourself and your wellness as a whole.

This list not convincing enough? We could go on and on with the perks that organizing can give to your life but there is only one way that can actually feel it: you have to try it yourself.

Besides, what is there to lose?