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But you don’t know it all. Not yet, at least. But, you love to learn. You have something to prove and you’re always all-in. You know you’ve got what it takes to succeed and get to the next step of your career.


We want you here with us while you’re still wide-eyed and ready to get after it. While you believe that with you, anything is possible, and that YOU are the one we’ve been waiting for.

We agree. You could just be the one we’re waiting for. We want you to grow in here, with others who believe “quit” and “can’t” are not part of their vocabulary.

We want to help you succeed, become a first rate professional in your field, and do it somewhere that you can be happy and valued right from the get go without having to jump from one lame job to another. Trust us, we’ve been on the other side. It’s greener where you nurture it. And we believe we can unlock your potential.

But first you need to make a decision. I wouldn’t wait too long if I were you.


We respect you and your time so we won’t mince words. This is going to be tough. So, you better bring your A-game. If you aren’t ready to “bring it”, do yourselves a favor and click the back button. There is no room for coasting here. Nada. Zilch. We’re certain you get our point.

Expressions is a place where everyone works hard, and you’re going to have your hands full learning what it takes to succeed in your newly minted role. How else can you learn it?

Why You should consider joining us?

We like to take on big challenges, and are always looking forward to the next one. Impossible, they say? Here, it’s more like “I’m possible”. When we win, we love to celebrate success, and we like the whole team to get the credit. Here, you’ll have the ability to have a major impact on the company.

What you can expect from us?

  • Exponential Career Growth. If you want it. Our employees say we’re a good training ground for career growth. Got skills? Apply it here.
  • Our employees say we provide challenging jobs that push them to the limits of their abilities. Pushed outside their comfort zone means learning.
  • Performance based culture that rewards results.
  • Ability to make a huge impact on how we deliver value to our stakeholders.
  • Action oriented, Fast paced, and exciting work. Nothing lame or boring.
  • A culture that encourages you to Innovate and Learn to Deliver Results. Fast.
  • We’re all about Empowerment. Our employees love the freedom they have in terms of decision-making, developing and using their own strategies to reach and exceed their targets. They also tell us how much they relish the opportunities of heading projects that add measurable value to the company.

High Impact Roles in Merchandising, Marketing, Retail Operations, and Business Development available.

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