Evolution of Pen and Paper

September 4, 2019

There is a multitude of ways on how we can express ourselves: you can sing, dance, paint, take pictures, and of course, write. It is through writing that we convert our ideas, dreams, aspirations, goals, and even frustrations, life principles and anything that we can think of. In writing, pen and paper become our best friend; they are our go-to tool whenever our mind speaks of new things. It is through them that we capture our ideas and make them eternal.

But where did pen and paper came from? In the early 400s to 1400s, art was mainly produced to glorify and teach religion. Paper was too expensive for artisans at that time so they had to use prepared animal skin instead like parchment or vellum. During the Renaissance, a special love for drawings was born. It was considered to be the foundation of all art forms and a tool for studying nature. And, since paper became more accessible to artists, the production of drawings easily escalated. The Renaissance was then replaced by the Baroque era where artists used more bold colors and liberated lines. In the 1800s, pencils were manufactured and became the preferred drawing tool of many artists. Thus, developing many different styles side by side. By the 19th century, new forms of art emerged and the definition of drawing expanded. At present, the concept of art has evolved in many ways no one can imagine if we go centuries back.

Pens and paper are not just used as media for recording information or writing. They have become a part and parcel of creating numerous forms of art. One of them is recording personal information in a creative way or what we call – Journaling. Back in the days, journaling is simply recording how your day went, your daily activities, to do’s and errands. Now, it has evolved into something more beautiful, something that is a work of art. From lined notebooks, journals now provide more space for the writer to have room for artistry; these notebooks are now filled with dotted pages or what we call Bullet Journal.

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