How Bullet Journaling can Spark Creativity

September 9, 2019

Let’s face it, as easy as being “creative” sounds, it takes approximately a day for us to come up with something acceptable as creative. We will spend the whole day finding inspiration everywhere from our crush to our favorite TV series. But being creative is more than just world-class paintings and timeless music. Creativity is creating something that has substance, something that you envision. It’s creating something of your own. 

Here are four ways on how Bullet Journaling can help you spark and boost your creativity

1. Imagination

“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso once said and it’s true for most things in life. When you imagine or think of yourself as someone who can be successful, it is bound to happen. Same as with your bullet journal, you have no restrictions. You can imagine even the most unimaginable things and draw inspiration from it for your outputs. With the bullet journal, you can put anything from skateboarding aliens to singing trolls dolls. Pretty much anything you want; your imagination is limitless.

2. Resourcefulness

According to the Merriam Dictionary, being creative is synonymous with being resourceful. And because creativity can be limitless and beyond what the world can offer, it allows you to exercise your resourcefulness. Bullet journals don’t always mean fancy pens or expensive paints. Your bujo can have everything from candy wrappers to dried leaves and flowers as long as it portrays what you have in mind.


3. Individuality

At this age and time, it is natural for someone to idolize and even copy someone else, like your favorite artist or your favorite singer. But it is also important for someone to find their own voice as early as now. After all, our favorites did not get al the fame for being a copycat. 

The bullet journal helps in finding our own voice, our sense of individuality. Since your BuJo is the keeper, not just of your tasks but also your thoughts, it helps you track down all the hidden feelings that can, later on, help you identify yourself. Also, since your journal is a keeper, you can pretty much be whoever you want in it. 


4. Vision

Now that you have established yourself and your creativity in your BuJo, it is now time for you to move to the next step. 

Creativity is not just about being artistic or being able to write with a dozen different handwritings. It also means having a vision. All famous artists had something in their mind that they wanted to happen sometime in the future. Da Vinci only drew his vision of having a flying object. Michaelangelo once only dreamed of painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. But because they held onto that vision, it came to reality. Your bullet journal can help you in identifying your vision. Your small burst of ideas may seem insignificant but once you go back, you will realize that they are just small trails that are leading you to a certain vision. Aside from that, writing your visions down in your BuJo can help you stay motivated and keep the fire burning in order for you to achieve it.